It looks like I have a stalker!


January 6, 2024

"Looks like Jodie got new tires for Christmas"

First, if you want to come after me at least spell my name correctly! A stalker and doesn't know how to spell a quite simple name. Maybe this ball-less wonder is talking about another Jodi?!

I have stated in this column before...if you have an opinion or something to say to me, feel free to state your opinion. If you don't want it printed in the RTR, I have no problem with that either. I completely understand not everyone likes to be in the limelight and yet if they have a concern or opinion, I will listen.

I'm not heartless and respect everyone's opinion. I may even agree with them once I hear the concern/opinion. We all have our own opinions and it doesn't mean they are right or wrong. It's an opinion!

I don't take any credibility in anything anyone writes on a piece of paper and sends it anonymously. Seriously, grow a set and get your facts straight before you come after me.

I bought new tires for MY truck in February of 2022. So unless they were really shitty tires, they are still on MY truck! Just an FYI, I have never had a bad experience from the tires I have purchased from Northland Tire. You need to open your eyes and see that I don't have new tires on MY truck or keep your mouth shut!

I know people love to spread rumors. I'm not sure if it makes their life seem better or what. To the ball-less wonder that feels I recently purchased new tires for MY truck, you are incorrect check out the receipt to the right.

"Ten dollars of advertising over a news story"

As far as choosing $10.00 worth of advertising over a news story, You have just proven that. you are an idiot.

You obviously don't know advertising rates and you spout off shit that is so far from the truth!

In the newspaper business it can be a fine line between when something is news or not.

This particular incident the ball-less wonder is referring to is a civil case I chose to hold off on.

1. It is a civil case.

Do you want every civil case printed in the RTR that has been filed? I don't feel it's worthy of being printed until it has been settled.

2. It was filed in LOW County.

Not only does this mastermind want us to cover Roseau County but now they want us to extend to LOW County, as well. The $10.00 worth of advertising sure goes a long way paying for the production of a newspaper!

3. Overkill!

Considering the civil case came out between newspaper deadlines and was covered by every news source, was it still news for our next printing? I didn't feel it was.

"These two are crooks"

Aren't people innocent until proven guilty? Not in ball-less wonders' eyes.

It did pertain to individuals from Roseau which is why we are continuing to watch for a court date and will report on it if they are found guilty.

Since you know so much about running a newspaper feel free to make me an offer on buying it. You can then run it how you feel is the correct way!

In the meantime go stalk someone else! Unless you grow a set and can face me with your cowardly comments!

Sausage Potato Casserole


1 lb smoked sausage, sliced into 1/4 inch thick slices

1/3 cup water

3 lbs red potatoes, peeled, diced into bite-size chunks

1 large onion, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 cups sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded

1 cup Mozzarella cheese, shredded

1 tsp seasoning salt

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

10.5 oz can cheddar cheese soup

10.5 oz can cream of celery soup

14.5 oz can beef broth


Preheat oven to 350° and spray a 3 quart baking dish or 13 x 9 baking dish with non stick spray right before filling.

Add diced potatoes to large saucepan, cover with water, and boil for 15-20 minutes. Drain and return potatoes to pan.

In a large frying pan, add ⅓ cup of water, smoked sausage and onions. Cook until sausage has browned on both sides. Add more water, if needed.

Stir minced garlic into sausage and onions and continue cooking for an additional minute. Remove from heat and place on a plate lined with paper towels, set aside.

Mix soups, broth, all three cheeses and seasonings into potatoes. Stir.

Add in sausage and onion mixture. Stir until combined.

Pour into prepared baking dish and bake for 40 minutes uncovered. Carefully remove from oven, let sit for 10 minutes before serving.

Optional: top with sour cream, green onions, cilantro

Joke of the Week

Bob came home drunk one night, slid into bed beside his sleeping wife, and fell into a deep slumber. He awoke before the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter said, "You died in your sleep, Bob." Bob was stunned.

"I'm dead? No, I can't be! I've got too much to live for. Send me back!

St. Peter said, "I'm sorry, but there's only one way you can go back, and that is as a chicken."

Bob was devastated, but begged St. Peter to send him to a farm near his home.

The next thing he knew, he was covered with feathers, clucking, and pecking the ground.

A rooster strolled past.

"So, you're the new hen, huh? How's your first day here?"

"Not bad," replied Bob the hen, "but I have this strange feeling inside. Like I'm gonna explode!"

"You are ovulating," explained the rooster. "Don't tell me you've never laid an egg before?"

"Never," said Bob.

"Well, just relax and let it happen," says the rooster. "It's no big deal."

Bob did, and a few uncomfortable seconds later, out popped an egg!

Bob was overcome with emotion as he experienced motherhood.

He soon laid another egg -- his joy was overwhelming.

As he was about to lay his third egg, he felt a smack on the back of his head, and heard his wife yell, "BOB, wake up! You've pooped in the bed!"


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