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Reptile Gardens Adventure

After Bear Country and a little exploring to get to know the area, day two started off with the Reptile Gardens. Reptile Gardens has more species and subspecies of reptiles than any other zoo or wild...


Vandalism Is A Crime

van·dal·ism /ˈvandlˌizəm/ action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property. I received a message asking if we could put a little announcement in the RTR about...


Thank You So Much Annonymous Lady!!

Friday during mailing Julie and I answer the phone calls while the others are labeling and bagging the newspapers. Julie and I were having a discussion about her being gone to Rochester with Joe in...


Canning Season and Lee's Store

It is canning season. This means fun, quality time spent with Sarah making some great stuff for the winter months! We wanted to make some pasta sauce and Mrs. Wage's pasta sauce packets were not... Full story


Enjoy Life...You Never Know when it's Your Time

I was very fortunate to interview Dr. Thomas Borum, one of the most unique individuals I've had a chance to briefly get to know. Our interview was an hour and a half long. This sets the record for...


Freedom of Speech and Opinions

o·pin·ion /əˈpinyən/ noun: opinion; plural noun: opinions a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter We asked them for their opinions about the new stadium....


Fall is in the Air!

You will probably be seeing a lot of photos of my adorable niece. She is just too adorable to not make it in my column! She is growing fast and it is almost time for Cecile (aka mommy) to head back...


Demolition is Underway!

According to Superintendent Tom Jerome, “Scheduled construction work as it relates to Phase I (SE portion of the Roseau School) is proceeding as scheduled. Major changes are taking place daily. Demolition of the interior walls and ceiling of the... Full story


It's Been Six Years and I Still Wish You Were Here!

It is hard to believe it has been six years today (August 19) since my brother passed away. When I think about the last time I saw him it feels like it has been forever and if I think about "that...


My Baby turned 22...He's Catching up to ME!!

It's hard to believe Brandon has turned 22 years old! Considering I'm only 29 he is catching up fast!! Soon he will pass me in age. HaHaHa! It's great seeing your kid turn into an upstanding...


Memories of my grandma

My mom and I were talking about my grandma the other day. She passed away several years ago but when I went to bed that night guess who popped in my head!? My grandma and all my favorite memories including meals we shared. She used to cook lunch for...


Annie's Outlet Opens in Warroad

Staci Howell, owner at Annie's Trading Post in Roseau, is excited to add an additional business venture to the community of Warroad. They will be able to experience some of the great services Annie's...


Crazy Days - A Day of Fun for Everyone!

On Thursday, August 6, Roseau area businesses will fill the streets and sidewalks with some great bargains, all marked down to CRAZY low prices! A FUN day of bargain shopping and tasty treats from the concession stands at Roseau’s Annual Crazy Day... Full story


Little Miss Jaxie and Dad Update

We went to see Kyle's parents and his daughter Jaxie was there too. I didn't see anyone at first since I had a nail appointment. After my appointment, I headed over to his parents and Little Miss... Full story


Fireworks and Funnel Cakes

The Roseau County Fair has been on my mind along with all the food trucks I'm missing this year with no fair. Kyle introduced me to funnel cakes at the fair and I sure want to have one again! It was...


Auntie Bev and Dill Pickle Ice Cream!

Kyle and I have been together for a "few" years now and he hadn't ever met Auntie Bev. We were able to see her over the Fourth of July. We made her quite happy and Kyle and Auntie Bev hit it off. She... Full story


Summer Fruit is the BEST!

This is the best time of the year for fresh fruit! I can eat it forever or at least until I can't eat anymore. Peaches Kyle had seen that there were going to be fresh peaches in Thief River Falls and...



It was finally time for a bonfire night and S'MORES! I may be a bit of a pyro. (Don't ask Kyle his opinion on that statement!) I really like the look of flames and then you add chocolate and it is a... Full story


"Your Life Matters" Campaign at Badger Baptist Church

by Jodi Wojciechowski Pastor Dave Peterson and the Badger Baptist Church wanted to help the communities with all the uncertainties going on in the world. Pastor Dave stated, "I was wondering how to re...


I'm an Auntie...Finally! Congratulations Cecile and Shane!

The day came where I finally became an auntie to a sweet little girl. She is an angel! Soraya Angelica, a perfect little girl, whose auntie is ready to spoil her! She is so tiny and sweet. She... Full story


Bonfire with Gourmet S'mores

One of my favorite spring/summer/fall things to do is to have a bonfire. On a nice cool evening, a cozy fire and S'MORES!! I am a bit of a pyro so it's no surprise I like a bonfire and the same goes... Full story


Tell Me NOT to do Something and I Will Do It Twice

It was a bit of a week. Re-modeling is always nice when it's done but when you're in the middle of it...not so much! Steve Bouton started it off with sheetrocking and texturing. He then had a couple...


A Week off Used to Sound Enticing...Not Anymore!

I was thinking the other day on how pre-COVID-19 a lot of people used to wish they could have a break. A break to stay home and 'get things done'. I for one am one of these people. I always wish I... Full story

 By Jodi Wojciechowski    News    May 9, 2020

Roseau Mercantile opens in Roseau

There are empty buildings in our area that make some people's imaginations go wild with the endless possibilities of what new business or service they could bring to the area. An addition to attract...


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mother's Day is a day to honor our Moms. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10 this year. Both Kyle and I are definitely lucky to have the Moms we have. I can safely say my brother, Kevin,...


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