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We have a visitor!

Guess who came to visit grandma! If you guessed Cynder, you are correct! Our vacation is nearing, so I thought Brandon should have a week of a dog free zone aka his apartment. We went and picked up... Full story


Drawing and designing Tattoos

Brandon is finally back drawing and designing tattoos. I've always thought he needed to pursue a career that incorporates his talent with drawing. When he was a senior I suggested he should become a t... Full story


The boys came in first place!

Kyle, Steve and Brian entered the Lumberjack Competition this past Saturday. It was quite the race! You have three people on your team and you are strapped together onto two 2x4's. You ski strapped...


Curious Minds Would Like to Know!

I have been getting questioned a lot about what happened with the situation with the post office. A little over a week ago, I was questioned for over an hour by a postal worker out of South Dakota on...


Emily Baugher Insurance - A Farmers Union Agency

by Jodi Wojciechowski Emily Baugher is the new owner of the local Farmers Union Agency. A big welcome to the newest Independent Insurance Agent assisting individuals, families, businesses and farms... Full story


I was Spoiled on Valentine's Day

It's hard to believe Valentine's Day has already come and gone. I think the weather this winter has my brain mixed up on what month it is or my mom was right back in the day when she told me that...


Cherry Grove Beach

We finally decided where we should take our winter adventure...South Carolina! Kyle and I haven't been anywhere near South Carolina. This should be a lot of fun. We decided to stay at North Myrtle...


Post Office and Furbabies

Wow! I knew I was frustrated with the Post Office, but I wasn't expecting quite the amount of comments and stories I heard after my column last week. I did get my RTR on Saturday along with The... Full story


Are you getting your Paper?

I can't tell you how many times we have heard in the past months, "we didn't get our paper." I don't think any of us at the office could even give you a number to how many times it has been. There... Full story


Oops...And Some Hockey

It was brought to my attention that the Hello Dolly Bars last week weren't the best tasting bars! I pulled my column up on my phone to see which ones they were. I forget what last week's was when I'm...


Londa and her collection of unique and happy snowmen

by Jodi Wojciechowski While many people sigh at the thought of dusting their decorations and untangling strings of fairy lights in time for Christmas, one person is gleefully unpacking hers. Londa Ols... Full story


Photos and more Photos

I use my cellphone a lot for work. I decided I needed to delete some of the photos I had saved and taken for work. As I was going through the photos a few stood out. The first one I noticed was Blu...


Girls Day and a Guy

Cecile, Rayne and I wanted to plan a girls day for after Christmas. The girls day for us was a mani and pedi in Grand Forks at my one and only Angel Nails and Spa. Starbucks was a must, too! As we...


Post Office and Furbabies

Wow! I knew I was frustrated with the Post Office, but I wasn't expecting quite the amount of comments and stories I heard after my column last week. I did get my RTR on Saturday along with The... Full story


Cyn the Magician!

My lil grandpuppy is the bestest boy ever! Just ask me! I do receive calls from Brandon that start out like "Cyn, tell grandma what you did now!" I know it's never Cyn's fault! I did receive exactly...


Girl Truck Saves the Day!

In our family I have the 'Girl Truck' and Kyle has the matching 'Boy Truck' to mine. We travel a bit and always drive to our destination. This way we can take the newspaper with and still get a paper...


The Boutons' Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

This past Saturday was The Boutons' Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Roseau Event Center. Everyone was dressed up so cute and there was A LOT of food! Sarah wasn't able to join in all the fun...


Crumbl Cookies

Sarah loves me! She went to Crumbl Cookies in Fargo and bought me an early Christmas present! Thank you, Sarah! If you look to the right, you will see my six cookies...I mean five since a thief took...


Let the Holidays begin...

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving was here and gone already! My family gathered at my house. Sarah and I did some cooking. I think it's safe to say everyone was full and enjoyed our family time.... Full story


Celebrate the Season in Roseau

by Jodi Wojciechowski The Holiday Season is underway in Roseau. The Christmas lights are going up around town and a lot of holiday events are happening. Christmas Ornament Drive Kecia Stroot wants to make Christmas a little brighter for local... Full story


A busy Fall/Winter and The Holidays are already here!

After Cecile and Shane's wedding, we were off to Fargo for mom's surgery. She had hip replacement surgery and it was a bit of a roller coaster for a few weeks, but now she is doing great. It helped...


Congratulations Cecile and Shane

Once home from vacation it was full speed ahead on helping my sister-in-law Cecile finish wedding preparations! October 8th was the big day for Cecile and Shane to become Mr. and Mrs. Monkman. Friday...


Bo Monsrud Opens Munsy's Garage

by Jodi Wojciechowski Roseau's newest local entrepreneur, Bo Monsrud, is excited to share his expertise of the automotive industry with the area. He had a passion for fixing and restoring vehicles fro... Full story


Our Montana trip comes to an end...

Our trip was coming to an end but we fit in Polebridge Mercantile. I consider this a must stop if you are near Glacier National Park. The Polebridge Mercantile has been serving the North Fork...


Glacier National Park - Going to the Sun Road

Glacier National Park has amazing views of melting glaciers, alpine meadows, carved valleys and spectacular lakes. Glacier is a paradise for adventurers. The Going-to-the-Sun Road is a highlight not... Full story


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