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March 23, 2024

The following was my morning read. "May the Lord Himself pour out a fresh anointing on your life today! May you suddenly have a heightened discernment about where to walk, what to say, and how to pray. May Jesus fill you afresh with new insights from His Word.

May you lose your taste for that which weakens you and hunger more for that which strengthens you. May God open your eyes to the importance of your life and your calling.

Every time you say yes, or you say no, may God give you wisdom to discern His highest and best will for your life-one faith step at a time.

May you sense God's presence, determine to stay encouraged, and dare to choose joy so that your enemy loses his influence, and that the world may see the goodness of God. You are mighty in Jesus. Have a great day today!"

Oh, to live each day like that. Listening for those quiet prompts in your spirit, to keep your thoughts where they ought to be.

I had a thought early this morning how thankful I am to have had a "godly husband". I thought before I started serious dating, that all I needed to do, was find a man who "believed in God." I found out later that there is a big difference between a man who just believes, and a man who "knows God", and to whom he has committed his life.

Knowing God" will dispel every question you have about His existence. You can't put God in a test tube. You will not meet him through secondhand information, any more than you can know another person through somebody else's knowledge. You need to pray and ask Him to reveal Himself personally to you. This will happen in Gods time, and with his conditions. When this personal connection happens, you will face life changing choices. Either you will surrender in worship and repentance, or refuse this invitation to know him.

I was young when we got married, there was seven years difference between Joe and I. He was my high school Youth For Christ Club leader. He was approximately 7 years old in his faith when we met, having committed his life to Christ at the age of 18. I was unaware of how young he was in his faith. The only thing I knew for sure, was that his pattern of living showed his desire to be a "godly man". No man is perfect, (even a godly one).

I had a relationship with a young man before Joe. After dating for two years he announced to me that he was an agnostic. I met him in a Youth For Christ Choir, in which we both participated. I was devastated when he told me his life choice. I asked myself, "do I want to live my life with a man who will probably dissuade me to alter my faith? And how will this impact our children? In tears, and with a broken heart, I broke up with him. I met with Joe when this happened and he counseled me to anchor my life deeper into the "lordship of Christ". He said that this needed to be my first priority. Little did I know that a couple of years later Joe and I would be beginning our life together as man and wife.

I am so thankful to have lived 54 years with this godly man. Joe was a man who in his his prayer life every morning would pray, and I quote from his writings:

"Lord, help me to love my wife this day in thought and word and deed as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her(the Church).

Lord, I ask you to let your Holy Spirit have full dominion over me today in my home, and in my attitudes. I pray that you have full dominion over every word that comes from my mouth. In every thought of my heart, and in every feeling I have towards others.

Lord, I pray that every person I meet and interact with today will receive a living touch from the Living Christ through me.

Finally, "Father, I offer up to you this day the two things you've given me to offer up to you: Obedience to the calling you have placed upon my life and the gifts you've given me to honor your Name, and bring life to others."

Blessings, Julie


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