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Articles from the September 16, 2023 edition

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  • Roseau Area Food Shelf is looking Really Spiffy

    Jeff Olsen|Sep 16, 2023

    by Jeff Olsen Recent renovations at the Roseau Area Food Shelf in the former Roseau County Law Enforcement Center is comparable to upgrading a White Castle hamburger joint into an Applebee's. In 2018, Teresa McDonnell began volunteering at the Roseau Area Food Shelf, which is open on Tuesdays from 2 to 4:30 p.m. "Iona Federer is the heart and soul of the Roseau Food Shelf. People just brighten up when they see her. She visits and works as much as she can. Yes, she really is our heart and soul."...

  • South Africa: A Trip of a Lifetime, a Lifetime of Friendship

    Autumn Jaenicke Foust|Sep 16, 2023

    by Autumn (Jaenicke) Foust Lois L. Kaufman said, "Plant a seed of friendship, reap a bouquet of happiness." The idea to visit Joanna (Lisell) Bond, Roseau Class of 2001 graduate, sprouted one night during the Holiday Classic last December. Jo, her husband, Craig, and their children Matilda (5) and Arthur (3), traveled from their home in Durban, South Africa where they have lived for the last nine years, to the "North Cold," as her daughter calls it, last Christmas for a long overdue visit....

  • Impressive young lass shows redoubtable class

    Jeff Olsen|Sep 16, 2023

    by Jeff Olsen Her nickname is Maddy, her full name is Madison, she is 14, and she comes at life with impressive attributes of grit and charm. Only a ninth grader, she is facing a huge hiccup in all things important to a talented athlete. Maddy, the daughter of Aaron and Alishia Opacich, hails from Duluth but has very close ties to Roseau. Her mother, the former Alishia Bleau, is a 2000 RHS graduate. In early August, Maddy was spotted at Helgeson Funeral Chapel during the visitation for her...

  • Write On: Poems

    Sep 16, 2023

    Poems by: Eli Wensloff Roseau Community School Mrs. Olsen, Sophomore English Poem #1 The small town feel All the people feel like family The river running through the backyard Makes us feel so close Poem #2 The sound of the honking And the people crawking The smell of gas And the fumes in the air The rustle of the leaves The smell of the fall Thinking about your actions You're safe after all The Ferris wheel going round, and round It reminds me of a Merry go round The smell of the grease Makes...

  • Morning Thoughts about the Need for Personal Space

    Julie Elick|Sep 16, 2023

    I woke up at 4:30. Thinking, “if I just lay here, I won’t get anything done.” #1. Every day has the same beginning. The first step of my plan was to get out of bed. I get up, which could be anywhere between 4:30 and 6 a.m. I have a chair, the same one I always sit in, and I have a cat named Bailey. She always insists that I give her my first attention giving skritches. I then post a photo of one of Joe’s Cards up on my “wall” in Facebook. They (Joe’s Cards), have encouraging sayings or th... Full story

  • There Will Be A First Time For Everyone

    Pastor Joe Elick 1940-2021|Sep 16, 2023

    A week ago our vintage 21 year old 1968 Volvo turned 296,000 miles. It's been a great ride. Not trouble free but reliable. Last winter I joined the Volvo Club of America so I could be in touch with other Volvo enthusiasts. One of the benefits of club membership is a regular newsletter with all kinds of neat things in it. Among other things the letter contained hints and helps on solving Volvo problems and also space for letters from people seeking advice in particular Volvo problems. Responses s...

  • You just have to live right to find fun in life

    Jeff Olsen|Sep 16, 2023

    Beautiful! Every day, life is full of characters and immediately I thought of Dan Urness, a chap who puts a smile on life. We hadn't talked in a while. He is the Roseau High School Guidance Counselor, who can do wonders for kids who need to change a class or figure out how to actually graduate. "You mean I have to take a science class! I hate science!" At 7:56 on Tuesday morning, I called his school number, and it rang about five times before the voicemail came on: "Hi, this is Dan Urness,... Full story

  • Mammoth Hot Springs and Liberty Cap

    Jodi Wojciechowski|Sep 16, 2023

    One of the first areas we checked out was the Mammoth Hot Springs in Montana. Black and white photos don't do this place justice. The colors were amazing! Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces are the premier feature in the Mammoth area and is composed of two loops: the Upper Terraces and the Lower Terraces. The Upper Terraces consist mostly of a scenic drive through geysers such as Orange Spring Mounds and Angel Terrace. The Lower Terraces are where you see the cascading travertine terraces. At the...

  • History Is In The Past

    Sheldon Larson|Sep 16, 2023

    The sun is now unofficially halfway back on its march back south. From its northernmost point in June to southernmost in December, it travels a little over a mile and a half on the section line to the east. With three months to go until the shortest day the most we can maybe hope for is a nice fall. Many are already going to work in the dark. Before long they will be going home in the dark too. Many snowbirds, some with and some without feathers have already flew or drove south. In a perfect world it would not get warmer than eighty-five or...

  • Going the Full Mile

    Tom Palen|Sep 16, 2023

    I do it, and I'm not the only one who does. People who drive muscle cars or ride motorcycles will understand. When passing through the tunnels on Highway 61, I like to accelerate a little (sometimes a lot if I'm the only vehicle in the tunnel) just to hear how sweet the mufflers sound as I cruise through. I enjoy the sound of other muscle cars in the tunnel as well. But not everyone likes the noise; sometimes it can be too much. The roar can be deafening when a group of Harley's or other road...

  • Beverly May Heppner, 90

    Sep 16, 2023

    Warroad - Beverly May Heppner was born on September 23, 1932 to Phillip Hardy and Helen (Hipsher) Hardy. Beverly married Leonard Heppner on January 18, 1953 at the Woodland Mennonite Church in Warroad. They moved to Hastings for ten years and then to St. Paul for another ten years where in St. Paul Beverly did bookkeeping for the Roseville State Bank and bookkeeping for Stevenson's Clothing Store. In 1974, Leonard and Beverly moved back to Warroad where Beverly worked at the Warroad Cenex Gas St...

  • 40 years ago… Elephants down Main Street.

    Carrie Johnson|Sep 16, 2023

    5 years ago – Sept. 15, 2018 On October 7, the Seventh Annual Roseau Athletic Hall of Fame would honor its inductees along with the Roseau Girls State Championship golf team. Inductees were Wayne Bradley, Pete Groschupf, Gary Hokanson, Laura Lundbohm and Dale Smedsmo. Van Munstenteiger of Roseau, was the LifeCare Public Health Fit For Life Grand Prize winner of a Huffy bicycle. Evelyn Sonsteng of Salol turned 99 years old on August 27th. Roseau High School senior Aaron Huglen was competing in t...

  • 1st Annual Max Multi-Species Fishing Derby Was Held At The N.W. Angle

    Laurel Latham|Sep 16, 2023

    by Laurel Latham The 1st Annual Max Multi-Species Fishing Derby was held on Saturday, September 2nd and Sunday, September 3rd at the N.W. Angle. The event was held in memory of Max Marvin, a former guide at the N.W. Angle. "I was at the Muskie Cup in Nestor Falls, Ontario when I first thought about holding a fishing derby at the N.W. Angle," explained Lisa Marvin. "Nestor Falls is a small, friendly community with the same vibes of the N.W. Angle. "My brother, Max, had a real passion for Lake of... Full story

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