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Have you ever heard of the Rule of Seven? It's an old marketing strategy that I've come to realize also works for changing your lifestyle. The rule of seven for permanent change works exactly like the rule of 7 for marketing.

Why do you think that so many of us need subtle reminders to do something? I know I don't like it when I forget about that appointment or to call someone at a certain time. We need reminders. The rule of seven does just that. In today's day of technology, it's something that is always with us.

Where you invest your love, you invest your life. Those words are from the song Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons. With the rule of seven for permanent change, you get to increase your awareness because you're reading this right now. This is one part of the process.

The second exposure of the rule of seven for permanent change you are exposed to change is the WOD (Workout Of the Day) movements themselves. After you read this you get straight to the good stuff. It might be something you've never done before or it might be something you haven't done for a while or it might even be something you just did a day or two ago. Either way, it's different every day.

The Number 7 Is The Number Of Heavenly Perfection.

That saying above is what someone told me once upon a time. It might be Biblical, it might not be, but I like that one.

The third exposure of the rule of seven for permanent change is the video. It provides you with modifications to each movement. Every WOD video that I've created for the 365 WOD Journey provides you with modifications for each movement and/or exercise that show in the video. Most of the time my children are in them, which adds a level of depth to prove that we all can fit in at least one round of a WOD each day or as many days a week that you decided to do. It also helps you get to know how I coach.

The fourth exposure to the rule of seven is your choice. This number of the rule of seven for permanent change is all about communication. All you do is talk with me about where you are on your 365 WOD Journey each time you complete a WOD. It's pretty crazy how many people contact me each day. What's even crazier to me is the number of people who aren't contacting me.

Number five of the rule of seven is also one that most don't even realize is happening because they are doing it already. They talk to other people about what is changing in their life. They don't do it to sell anything, they do it because people ask them what they are doing to look so good lately. The ego likes to be stroked and I don't know about you but a good ego stroke feels good every now and again. In all reality, though the change happened on the inside and the external world is now catching up.

When talking about number six of the rule of seven for permanent change, it brings me back to a time when people didn't have to think so much about movement. They just moved because they had to. The exposure you've had at this point has been so pronounced that you've already played it in your mind so many times that you are simply being someone who does a WOD each day. Science tells us that even if you don't actually go through the motions and just think about (or obsess really) about what you want, your mind and body take it in as truth. Mental rehearsal is what I've seen it called.

Lastly, number 7. The seventh exposure is the right hook to the previous six jabs to the process of permanent change. Seeing other people who have finished the 365 WOD Journey reinforces your analytical mind that this will keep you from getting bored, will keep you accountable and motivated. Have you ever heard the saying…

Facts Tell, But Stories Sell

Marketers use that line because it's so damn true. Why do you think every program has so many stories telling you how much they love their life? Because they are trying to be relatable. I cut straight through the bull and am very transparent with the way that I coach. Everything I do is free, except for my time of course.

Going through all seven of the rule of seven for permanent change takes time, practice and awareness. Once you realize that you're being sold to every moment of every day you'll start to choose where to invest your attention aka your love. I choose to invest in the people who are in full alignment with me. If you're not in full alignment with me that's ok, I'm good with that. I'm not everyone's flavor. So since you've made it this far you might as well keep going and get at least one round of today's WOD done. Then share this post to your Facebook and tag me in that post. That's the fast track to getting all 7 down pat. Along with the share, consider making a contribution to the WOD Fund. That fund paves the way for the gym to be opened in Roseau.

Have Fun! You Got This!

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