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It really was a winter wonderland!


December 23, 2020

Lifecare's Winter Wonderland

What a crazy time we had, we just got home. I am really good at following directions. Jodi messaged me regarding the Lifecare Winter Wonderland, hosted by the Lifecare Medical Center. I copied and pasted it on my facebook page noting the times and days. It said Tuesday, Thursday, and Tuesday again from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

"Joephus! We are going to go on a light tour tonight. It's going to be a date! And then after that we can go to Dollar General, ok?" "Sure wife," he said, we will eat our dinner first and then go afterward. He made me a bowl of scrambled eggs, with onions, mushrooms, small tomatoes, and a slice of cheese. He ate his usual salad, and chicken and rice. "Wife, we need to get going", and getting into the car he said, "where is this supposed to start, and what are we supposed to do?" Looking very knowledgeable I said, "its supposed to start at the Fire Station. That is where you are supposed to turn on your radio to 90.5. On the radio they will tell you what to do and where to go."

Out we went all bundled up, looking for a good time. Pulling up to the Fire Station, there were a lot of cars parked, but none waiting like us. We turned on 90.5 and yes there was wonderful music filling our car with Christmas cheer. Waiting only maybe 5 minutes, all of a sudden one of the big doors opened. Out came a fire engine which turned on its blinking lights. We pulled into the Post Office Parking lot, and watched the fire engine pull out. The music was really strong filling the car. The closer the fire engine came to us the louder the music became. "Joephus we need to follow that truck, it is going to take us on a Christmas Light Tour!" Sure enough he just went down the street turning into the neighborhood. The lights were beautiful! As he got over by Oakcrest, he turned up toward Highway 89. He turned left going toward Wannaska. "Joephus! He is going to show us Wannaska's lights! Joephus don't go so fast, the road has snow on it and it might be slippery!"Joephus said, "I have to keep up with him Wife! He is getting away from me!" "Joephus, please slow down we can't act stupid! Joephus, he is turning left, you need to slow down!" "I can't see the road he is turning into wife!" "Well, then you need to slow down more! Be careful! Joephus this is a dirt road with ruts in it and there was a sign that said Dead End!" "It's OK wife, it's just like Marlin's road, its all dirt and not slippery".

There was an unlit desolate square building off to our left where the Fire Engine turned in and stopped. A guy got out and then started motioning to someone else in the truck to back up. He looked at us with a very serious look on his face. The look said "Who are those people?" Well, I thought, "I certainly am not going to tell you who we are, Ya dats for sure!" The fireman came over to our car, Joephus rolled down his window and said "Are you the Christmas Light Tour Guide?" He had no idea what Joephus was talking about. Oh my. There we were. And there he was. Oh, weep.

They were trying something out in the fire truck. Oh, joy, Poor Joephus. I was laughing so hard I almost lost it. I won't say what I almost lost.

We drove over to the hospital, and sure enough there was a beautiful display of Christmas lights along with some sweet ladies handing out Christmas cookies from their large baskets. We each got a cookie and I ate both of them. Stress does that to me you know! Yum! The music was still playing in our car, even without the fire truck! So we drove around a bit looking at other lights and concluded our "date" by going to Dollar General to buy some Scrubbing Bubbles Magic Cleaner. And yes, we did put on our masks! "Ho,Ho,Ho,"Merry Christmas and to all have a good night. Good grief!


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