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Blessed by a Mop Handle

I woke up Monday morning with a crazy foot situation. My left ankle was swollen, so swollen I couldn't step on my foot, trying to walk on my toes was excruciating. I had a bandana near by, so I strapped the bandana around my ankle for support. Hanging onto the side of the bed, I slowly hobbled over to the stairway where I had a small mop in a bucket. (I had left it by the stairway to remind myself that the rest of the basement floor needed mopping.) I grabbed the mop and used its handle as a walking stick.

I got ready for my day by sitting on a chair, and then bit by bit, step by step, mop and all, hanging on the railing, I made my way up my basement stairs. Yes, I sleep in the basement.

Making my chocolate coffee first, (of course) and finding an ACE bandage and ice, I carefully made my way into the living room. I sat down and attempted to "ice my ankle." My swollen foot ached, propping it up, I nursed my achy foot for a couple of hours and finally put my boots on.

Whether it was the support of my boot, or the combination of my other remedies, the swelling moved from my ankle to the lower part and sides of my foot. I made it through the day with very little pain.

That evening was another situation. As soon as I took my boot off, my ankle began to swell with the ache coming back. Oh joy! Wrapping and ice, didn't help.

I then remembered I had an Ankle Performance Support Sleeve. (Because of all our motorcycle riding, I have a lot of belts, and wraps.) I slipped it on my foot and it felt way better, and went to bed. I felt much better when I woke up. Keeping that sleeve on my foot, I got ready and went off to have a very successful work day.

I kept the sleeve on my foot for approximately 24 hours. When taking it off the following evening, I noticed that the bottom of my foot at the edge of where the sleeve stopped, was a very, very dark purple, there were also bruises on the top and both sides of my foot. WOW!! I realized then it was because the circulation in my foot had been cut off by the sleeve, I had worn the sleeve too long.

You may ask, what made my foot swell in the first place? A number of things: I wear the same boots every day, all day, the top of my boot irritated my ankle. This is what happens when you you wear the same shoes all the time. It can effect your ankles, your heel, and your arch. Shoes wear out and gradually lose their support. Now, I am wearing my red tennis shoes, with my orthotics transferred from my boots. I wondered if it was Gout. This can happen from your diet, or an injury. Checking with a practitioner, my symptoms didn't carry through for Gout.

One of my prized possessions, is a diamond willow walking stick, made by my father. I love that stick. It rests on two deer hoofs, which are mounted on a piece of wood in my studio. It would have been handy if it had been in the house that Monday morning,

I was asking myself, what would have happened if I hadn't had all the items to help me in my situation. Little did I know the night before that I would not be able to walk in the morning. I wouldn't have been able to fetch my fathers stick out in my studio. It is good to do what you can ahead of time to prepare for the unexpected. It is just plain wise to plan and provide what you can, and think ahead.

I found great comfort in my mop handle.

Blessings, Julie


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