By Ryan Honl 

Think Outside


Trump Derangement Syndrome

Polaris has a motto to "Think Outside." When I was a kid there was no smart phone or social media. Heck in the 70's there wasn't even cable. We naturally thought outside. I remember as a kid getting home after school and carrying my canoe to the Roseau River to experience the freedom of just being outside. Then there was the simple pleasure of catching crayfish in the river with a string and a piece of hamburger. The little devils don't let go so you don't even need a hook. Do Roseau kids even do that anymore? We r0de our bikes everywhere in town. Didn't even lock them up. If someone stole it the city grapevine had the offender's name and address quickly provided to the city police with a one way ticket to juvenile hall.

They were simpler times those days. Yes, there was school bullying. I will provide no names since we've all grown up. I was a good target since I didn't play sports in Roseau and was somewhat of a geek so there was that. But these days anyone anywhere in the world can bully kids in some of the most cruel ways, even encouraging them to harm themselves or others. The job of a parent these days is the hardest it's ever been.

What can one do about that? I suggest confiscating the smart phones and taking the kids outside in a canoe, or on an ATV. or for a day of fishing. D&E has lots of choices and none of them involve sitting inside playing video games or talking to a cute girl online that's actually a man in some basement in Nigeria trying to steal your identity.

Twin Cities Lunacy Clashes with Common Sense

in Warroad

Warroad is still waiting hear if their public school has to change their Warrior name. I think the local Native Americans should have a say in that. They support keeping it and even wrote to the state about it. But Minnesota democrats know better than the first people to populate this continent thousands of years ago so don't hold your breath that Minnesota will back off on lunacy of this kind any time soon. Sorry Native Americans but rich white liberals in the Twin Cities who have spent the historical equivalent of two seconds on this continent really don't care what your opinion is.

Bye Bye Gas Stoves

Hollow Shell Joe's Department of Energy is banning the sale of gas stoves, or basically gas anything. So much for a quick 4th of July BBQ. Not supposed to use charcoal either, so you're limited to stringing out the extension cord from your portable generator in your pickup. Wait, can't do that either. Generators need gas. Ah what a great life in the democrat paradise

Pray For Those With TDS

There's something new in the contemporary political climate. It's called TDS. Trump Derangement Syndrome. Apparently it is incurable. Some have even suffered from it as far back as 2015. Trump is the bogeyman under the bed, in the car's backseat, in the attic, and in the basement. Wait no, that's Joe Biden in the basement but I digress... According to the left, we must do away with the First Amendment and suppress free speech. Heck, do away with all free speech that's uncomfortable in the world of ideas.

The Democrat Party Has Quite Frankly Gone Insane

What happened to the democrat party of the 60s espousing peace and tranquility instead of a European war, classically liberal in the individual freedom sense, protesting against wars, the speeches by John F Kennedy promoting serving your country, and the dreams of a Martin Luther King Jr? It's dead. We are now dealing with neo-marxists that cause class divisions, state media control, and suppression of individual liberty. Trump, the leading nominee of one of the only two viable parties we have, must not have a voice. He is dangerous. American citizens according to democrats apparently are too stupid to make up their own minds who to vote for. Could it be that the left's policies are terrible and Trump's policies brought prosperity and strength during his four years, resulting in no proxy wars with Russia or China and making a mint selling our energy to other countries instead of being their slaves? Liberals can't leave their safe spaces contemplating such thoughts.

The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms to protect themselves from tyrants and other criminals.

Democrats want them both gone these days. It's sad really. I've voted for a few democrats when they weren't loony. When their platform was pro farmer, pro-peace, pro you know...decent things that decent people could debate about without shutting down the other side. Oh how times have changed. You can't look down between your legs in the shower anymore and declare your God given biological sex without being made to feel like a guilty oppressor.

So Much For CNN

CNN has gone all Bud Light. First ticking off conservatives and now liberals are fleeing. The new CNN boss, Chris Licht, comes in and tries to make the channel more politically neutral, i.e. fair and balanced. One with alternate views. Not crazy like in the days of Larry King and Crossfire when I actually watched CNN before it became a carnival. Now Chris Licht might as well be Trump's running mate according to the left. Mr. Licht is now evil, even tries a Trump town hall, and they're not going to watch anymore. Which essentially leaves nobody watching CNN because conservatives abandoned it years ago, leaving only people in the airport to forcefully watch. Well, it's been quite a while since I've flown anywhere so it might not even be on those waiting area screens these days.

That's all for now. Now get outside. Let us know how it went in an op-ed. See ya next week.


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