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Upside Down, Inside Out. It sounds like a response to a ride at a theme park or Disney World with the need of an "s" at the end of inside. Ever been on a ride like that? Me too; sorta, but that's not... Full story



Are you all familiar with Weebles? Those little (sorta pear shaped) characters in the form of little kids, animals (including hippos) that are made for smiles, laughter, and the imagination....


Becoming A PeaceMaker In A Troubled World

Where does the title of this column find you: what does it mean to you in your relationships with others. Jesus makes a huge statement in one short sentence in Matthew 5: 9 from his "Sermon On the...


So They Said, "I've Never Heard Anyone Come Back From Either Place, Complaining!"

Hmmm. Interesting statement. It's been stuck in my mind for a long time. Let's see where I can go with it. Are you with me? Someone was sharing their Christian Faith with someone who had no intention... Full story


"It's Not My Shift Yet!" That's What She Said.

I took out the trash on my way to this article. More about this shortly. It's good to be back with you again. I had to pass on having an article last week for a couple of reasons. Dealing with... Full story



As you can see this is not a regular article. Some of you are aware that I am going through what at least for me are some serious health issues. I’m having some hard days including major fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. Except for the vomiting it...


Jesus Is The Ultimate "I" Doctor, And Yes, The Doctor Is In!

Recently I was reminded again of Rabbi Abraham Heschel's challenge concerning our use of words in his (must read!) book, Man's Quest for God. We are called upon to take words seriously; he takes the...


Do You Ever Talk To Yourself? If So, What Do You Say?

Language is a wonderful gift; a gift we want to offer our children early in life. There may be times, particularly when our children are young, that we may wish we hadn't been so generous with the...


 I Can Thank My Stars ...Really?

This morning (5/14/21) I was sitting in a waiting room over at the Roseau clinic waiting for a CT Scan. There was country western music playing over the music channel on the large screen TV. Now if...


How The Devil Seeks To Drive A Wedge Between Us And God

Do you know what a wedge is? It's a device for splitting or separating. Splitting wood for example. A wedge is very thin on one end and thick on the other, and the further it's driven into the...


If God Were A Dentist, Would He Say To You, "Open Wide"?

The, "If God were a dentist," thought came to me a few days ago and caught my attention. I wondered: "Is God speaking to me about my next article, or is my imagination just out for a stroll?" I don't... Full story


"I Don't Go To Church; The Church Is Full Of Hypocrites!"

Some things never seem to go away. Over the years I continue to hear various versions of, “The reason I don’t go to church is that the church is full of hypocrites!” Now before I explore the implications of these statements, I think I would do...


If Getting To Heaven Is Based Upon, Being Good Enough, "How Ya' Doin'?"

"How ya' doin'?" Has this question ever crossed your mind? Now if you hold to the position of the teen I mentioned in another article that, "When you die, they put you six feet under the ground and... Full story


In Relationship To Your Thoughts, What Do You Think?

It has been said that, "We are not what we think we are, but what we think we are!" What do you think? This earthly observation echos the King James translation of Proverbs 23: 7: "for as he, (a man)...


Jesus Had No Wall To Pound His Fists Against!

Have you ever experienced physical pain? Did you attempt to find relief; swallow something, pray that God would take it away? Experiencing pain is part of life here in this broken world. And it... Full story


The Power Behind The One Word That Defines Us

I have spent my life working with words, and, of course, like all of us, being defined by them. Recently, my mind was stirred by the word I'm referencing in the title of this article as I listened to...


"Pillow Talk," Try It and See What You Think

Do you have a pillow? How about a favorite pillow? There are lots of things you can do with a pillow. I heard about a man who dreamed he was eating a giant marshmallow. When he woke up there were... Full story


Ultimate Issues: They Form Our "Final?"

One of the oldest temptations in the world is the temptation for immediate satisfaction: "I want it NOW!" The world of business taps into this; Buy NOW, pay later: "No payments for the first three...


Mind Wars: The Battle Rages On!

As I was contemplating the possibility of this article in light of our current national situation, the thought came to me that one word defines the coming of Christ into the world: LIE! "What?" you...


"The Most Dangerous Person...On Earth!"

Recently I was sitting in a waiting room at the Cancer Center in Grand Forks waiting to receive a "PET Scan" in relationship to my cancer situation. The flat-screened TV. was tuned to the ABC...


Separation Of Church and State? No!

I stand by the words in the title of this article. And in relationship to separation of State and Church? Yes. We are living in treacherous times and Christ's Church (the Christian Church) needs to... Full story


By Whom Was Your, Best Christmas Present Ever, Wrapped?

Part of the fun of Christmas is wrapping the presents and especially for that "special" someone in your life. Even the wrapping has to be special. Then there's that moment we've been waiting for as... Full story


Be Careful Whom You Allow To Interpret God (Or Yourself)

A good friend of mine has a heart burden for someone special within the circle of their life. Their person of concern has had some major life difficulties, but they have chosen not to bring God into...


A Bumper Sticker You Should Never Believe

I want to pick up on something I stated in my column, "Who's going on behind the scenes?" I raised up the fact that Christians aren't "immune to what the Devil delights to do." The Devil's first...


What Do Turkeys And People Have In Common At Thanksgiving?

What do turkeys and people have in common at Thanksgiving? Gobbling! The turkey before Thanksgiving (little does he know) and people during the Thanksgiving dinner. Burp! Would you believe that I...


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