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Articles from the June 17, 2023 edition

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  • Minnesota Legislation For Ammo Storage Requirements Removed From State Bill

    Ryan Honl|Jun 17, 2023

    by Ryan Honl Legislation requiring that ammunition and guns be stored separately in an owner’s own home was removed from legislation that recently passed. What did pass was a new sweeping public safety and judiciary budget bill that creates two new restrictions on firearm possession and sales generally known as a Red Flag law and universal background checks. Governor Walz’s office was reached out to for a statement on future efforts to reintroduce in home ammunition storage requirements but received no response. However, he did release a pub...

  • Malung Community Center Benefit For Alex Miller is June 22

    Jeff Olsen|Jun 17, 2023

    by Jeff Olsen Meet Alex, 17, a remarkable young man and the son of Malung natives, Ted and Katherine (née Nelson) Miller. Since the age of 12, Alex has been through the medical wringer as far as leading a normal life. Still, he excels as a musician, honor student, and is the best brother to his two sisters, Hannah and Maddi. He's the middle child. In early June, the family was reached by phone in Omaha, Nebraska. The topic, of course, was the status of Alex. "He's recovering and just had an MRI...

  • Cody Olafson is Remembered As An Honored Professional

    Jeff Olsen|Jun 17, 2023

    by Jeff Olsen Cody Alan Olafson, who died on May 20, 2022, while in training and nearing graduation at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, Georgia, was honored in the nation's Capital in mid-May. The Roseau High graduate, only 26 and a giant of a man, stood six-foot-seven and weighed approximately 315 pounds. His stepdad, Robbi Peterson, had nicknamed him the Big O and the Teddy Bear. He certainly was that. His mother, Ann, called him the Code Man. Maybe a lesser... Full story

  • Earl's Drive-In Still Hopping After 67 Years

    Ryan Honl|Jun 17, 2023

    by Ryan Honl It is extremely rare to have a 50s diner in a community that actually started in the 50s. Earl's Drive-In is one of those places in Roseau, having been in continuous operation since 1956. Generations of people in the community have owned, operated, and worked there. They've got the capability of making 40 burgers at a time and have 6 deep fryers which are running at full capacity most of the time with the parking lot often completely full of cars. Bill Lund, the current owner and...

  • Write On: Home by Kara Ulvin

    Jun 17, 2023

    Essay by: Kara Ulvin Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, CIHS English Home to me is driving up the driveway and seeing my beautiful gingerbread house. The way the browns come together, the peaks of our house, and the one tree with colored string lights outside makes it seem like a real life gingerbread house. It shows great warmth on the inside and outside. As I walk into the entry, the smell of an evergreen scented candle welcomes me. My home is filled with my family; my dad, my mom, and...

  • I Love to Sit in Silence (a poem)

    Julie Elick|Jun 17, 2023

    I love to sit in silence beneath the shady trees and listen to the songs of birds and to the buzz of bees. I love to sit in silence and watch the clouds roll by Then read a book or sing a song and hear the wild bird cry. I love to sit in silence when the day is almost done and see behind the distant hill the paint glow of the sun. I love to sit in silence in the evening twilight and listen to the whip-poorwill singing with all its might. I love to sit in silence beneath the starry sky to pray... Full story

  • A Compassionate Commission "A Whisper From God"

    Pastor Joe Elick 1940-2021|Jun 17, 2023

    A number of heads turned as the young man walked into the meeting house. An old man in the 3rd row, with snow-white hair, a long beard, and rimless glasses turned to his neighbor and whispered something in his ear, most likely identifying the young visitor. The leaders sat facing the congregation observing the worshipers as they took their places. Nothing out of the ordinary. Business as usual. The service proceeded without a hitch. It always did. The prayers, much longer than the attention...

  • Only in America and Italy!

    Jeff Olsen|Jun 17, 2023

    I'm not the former president of the United States of America. It's never been on my bucket list. The last thing I'd ever want is to be chauffeured around by big guys on steroids standing a good foot taller than this original FOPS - Fraternal Order of PygmieS. These day, Donald Trump would like to knee Jack Smith, the special counsel for the Justice Department, in his groin area. Mr. Smith will be prosecuting Mr. Trump for hiding highly classified documents that were not to be in his personal...

  • The Simpsons and Broadway at the Beach

    Jodi Wojciechowski|Jun 17, 2023

    We had to check out The Simpsons at Broadway at the Beach. Kyle has always been a big Simpsons fan. The Simpsons in 4D featured the Kwik-E-Mart. I wasn't too impressed with it, but it was ok. The iconic convenience store was brought to life with select products from the show. You could enjoy Heat Lamp Hot Dogs, Buzz Cola, and Lard Lad Donuts or quench your thirst with a tasty selection of Squishees in six show-inspired flavors. The store offered some custom Simpsons branded merchandise from...

  • Buckle In for 2024

    Ryan Honl|Jun 17, 2023

    As a kid I hated to mow the lawn. In other words, I was your average kid. These days however, it’s downright therapeutic. “Honey, the inside of the house is yours. The outside is mine.” I do hem and haw though like it’s a chore. I don’t want to give her the impression that I’m one-upping her. Fact is I get a well deserved F with inside chores. It is what it is. But out on the old Altoz riding lawn mower, it’s like heavenly nirvana. Maybe it’s the feeling of power, of sweeping the world clean...

  • It's Predictable

    Sheldon Larson|Jun 17, 2023

    Our political world has gotten to be way too predictable. Every time something starts to go down on any of the crooked far left, liberal fire up the smokescreen called Trump. The Main Stream Media drools all over themselves one more time and say, “We got him this time.” It has been said that every president since George Washington have kept classified documents. That sounds like maybe a bit of a stretch. But, they have found classified documents that crooked Joe has had since being a senator. Crooked Hilary destroyed more than thirty tho...

  • 75 years ago… Swan Hokanson succumbed to tetanus

    Carrie Johnson|Jun 17, 2023

    5 years ago – June 16, 2018 Roseau Ram golfer Gina Wensloff placed 20th at the AA State Golf Tournament held at the Ridges Sandhill Creek Golf Course in Jordan. Lloyd and Sandy Dunham were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on June 24 at the Wannaska Community Center. The grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the Reed River Coffee Company, the completion of the Reed River Trading Company building and five year anniversary of the Brickhouse Restaurant and Bar was held on June 7. R...

  • Sydney Otto Is The New Vet Tech at Roseau County Veterinary Clinic

    Laurel Latham|Jun 17, 2023

    by Laurel Latham Sydney Otto is excited to be working as a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) at Roseau County Veterinary Clinic. Sydney is a 2020 Warroad High School graduate and earned her CVT at Vermilion Community College (Minnesota North) in Ely, Minn. She graduated in December 2022, after completing an internship in Hawley, Minn. That lasted through the summer months. "The most difficult part of vet tech school for me was taking tests," said Sydney. "I've never been a good test-taker. B...

  • My Dad Was My Hero

    Laurel Latham|Jun 17, 2023

    by Laurel Latham Tammie Siedschlag Doebler grew up on a farm 18 miles east of Mahnomen. "My dad was a grain farmer. We had horses, goats, sheep, pigs, geese and chickens. Everything but cows," recalls Tammie. "We lived on my grandparent's homestead. Farming and being elected county commissioner for twenty-some years kept Dad busy." But not too busy to take his kids fishing! "Dad taught us all to fish. I still love fishing and being on the lake," smiles Tammie. "I was a daddy's girl. He was my... Full story

  • Week Three Men's Golf League

    Gregg Iverson|Jun 17, 2023

    The Green Report: Gregg Iverson What turned out to be a rainy/gloomy day on Wednesday, June 7th, turned out to be a beautiful evening for golf with the temps hovering around 70 degrees. Before I get into the logistics of how the evening unfolded, I have to give congratulations to your 3 time section 8AA champions, the Roseau Rams boys golf team! The team put on quite the performance in the 2 day event, held in Bemidji at the Town and Country Club, last week. They walked away 31 strokes ahead of the next team. Adding to that, Max Wilson and Teag... Full story

  • IHOP

    Tom Palen|Jun 17, 2023

    I was on a road trip recently, and as it does occasionally, my GPS took me the wrong way. Sometimes this can be frustrating – other times, it leads to new adventures or allows me to meet new people. On that morning, it was frustrating. I had an eight o’clock appointment at a repair shop and the man was working me into his schedule. Not trusting the GPS, I turned into a parking lot, entered the address on my cell phone and was on my way. As I waited for passing cars, I noticed the sign on the bui...