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Articles from the September 10, 2022 edition

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 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 10, 2022

Don't Pass Up Saturday's Firemen's Banquet in Roseau

by Jeff Olsen Let's cut to the chase. The Roseau volunteer firemen are occasionally a homely lot, but they're our hometown heroes, much like a bunch of Marines following a firefight. They almost walk... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 10, 2022

Local Hockey Players See Valuable Ice Time

by Jeff Olsen Last Friday and Saturday, six Roseau girls competed in an elite hockey tournament in Pittsburgh while seeing action in four games over the two-day event. They played in two arenas - the...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 10, 2022

Meet the new Roseau County Deputy Sheriff

by Jeff Olsen Tyson Monsrud isn't really a rookie with the Roseau County Sheriff's Department. Since the fall of 2019, he's been a jailer while attending Northland Community & Technical College...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 10, 2022

Singer and Songwriter Gabbie Johnson Is Happily Transitioning

by Jeff Olsen Harvey Johnson was spotted at his business, D & E, in Roseau, and was asked about his daughter's singing career in Nashville, Tennessee. Harvey smiled. Roseau is 1,279 miles from Nas...


Write On: Volleyball Is More Than Just a Sport  

Essay by: Aubrey Waage  Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, Advanced English 11 Growing up I always wanted to be like my older sister, Billie. In my younger years, I used to go and watch her...


Don't be be a Debbie Downer

I was reading a post of a facebook friend named Lori Catherine, it went like this. Strength & Encouragement: We all at times could use that little pick me up and encouraging words.....I hope...


Schools should be teaching a special class

The toughest thing you will ever do is get married. And stay married! It's bothersome when we send wedding gifts and, several years later, we find out that they have split. I've always wondered which...


Cynder comes for a Visit!

I think I've had Cynder at our house more than Brandon has had his own furbaby due to his apartment living situations. Cynder moved back in with B awhile ago now. So when he asked if I could watch... Full story


Democracy Is Just A Kinder Gentler Word For Socialism

How anyone could watch Joe Biden’s hate speech last week and not see the evil in the man is a wonderment. It is not for us to judge. “Judge not lest you too be judged.” But for someone that probably sold his soul to the devil a long time ago...


Protect Your Nose!

Remember the oldie but goodie swearing in question for courtroom testimony: "Do you swear (now there's a heavy word) to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" God...


Miles M. Naslund, 65

Salol- Miles M. Naslund passed away peacefully at home on September 1, 2022. He was 65 years old. Miles was born November 14, 1956, in Roseau to Melvin and Harriet (Dahl) Naslund. He grew up in the...


These are Different Times

The state of our world is scary for us as adults, much less our children. With the constant access to social media, our kids know way more about it than you or I would care for them to. Just this...


10 years ago… State Rep. Dan Fabian was ranked 5th for Top 10 Freshman Legislators

5 years ago – Sept. 9, 2017 Amber Wibbels, DPM, joined the podiatry team at Altru Health System. She sees patients at Altru Clinics in Roseau, Warroad and Greenbush. The Roseau gridiron Rams lost to... Full story


Government Island Reclamation Celebration

Warroad Community Development (WCD) in partnership with the City of Warroad hosted a celebration to mark the beginning of a significant project to reclaim Government Island on Tuesday August 30th. The celebratory event took place at Harbor Park next... Full story


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