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Articles from the November 5, 2022 edition

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 By Jeff Olson    News    November 5, 2022

Golfer Kenny Battles Comes At Life With Zest

by Jeff Olsen On Sunday, Mr. Battles mentioned he was 68 and was told that he didn't sound that old. "Well, I golf a lot," he laughed. A week ago Friday at the Warroad Estates, he got a hole in one wh...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    November 5, 2022

Write-in Council Candidate Is Hoping Time is On His Side

by Jeff Olsen Keith Severson, 39, announced his write-in candidacy for the Roseau City Council last week. "It is pretty late. I won't deny that," said the former rural Wannaska resident who has seen...

 By Laurel Latham    News    November 5, 2022

The Hawk Opens Early for Hungry Hunters

by Laurel Latham Hunting season has arrived once again in the North Woods. Family and friends from all over Minnesota and North Dakota will be arriving at deer camps wearing their neon orange. And jus... Full story


Write On: Coffee Is Life - by, Lexi Heppner

Essay by: Lexi Heppner Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, Advanced English 11 When I was younger, I hated coffee. How did my mom and dad drink it constantly? The brown color and sharp smell...


Good Friends

It is a good thing to have friends. Here is a poem brought into Roseau Times- Region by a dear lady: Threads of a Friendship That Will Never Break Thank you for the laughter, for the good times we...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    November 5, 2022

America isn't so darn funny these days

It will never end. It's the nightmare of our country's endless political freak show. Bring in the clowns. Bring in the quacks. Bring in the fools. Bring in the shrinks! God, we are a wonder. What has...


Glacier National Park - Going to the Sun Road

Glacier National Park has amazing views of melting glaciers, alpine meadows, carved valleys and spectacular lakes. Glacier is a paradise for adventurers. The Going-to-the-Sun Road is a highlight not... Full story


October Is Gone ..."You Just Don't Have Enough Clothes On."

The song; Sunrise Sunset swiftly go the years, One season following another, is hitting closer to home every year. The fishing on the lake is maybe as good as it gets right now. As a friend pointed out “it is never too cold, sometimes you just...


Sheriff Elections are upon Us and It's Time for a Change

Roseau County Sheriff Elections are upon us and It’s time for a change. The current Sheriff has lost the morale of his department, and has created an environment where majority of his staff; jailers, dispatchers, and deputies have lost confidence...


Re-elect Sheriff Steve Gust

I wanted to take this opportunity to list a few of the many reasons why I believe Steve Gust should be re-elected sheriff of Roseau County. I have worked with Steve since 1997 when I first started working in law enforcement in Roseau County. I have...


Reducing Republican Inflation Lies

We now endure the last stretch of the 2022 “rigged election” terrorist campaign. Once, the politicians would just lie and expect us to vote for them. Then a butt-head loser started the “rigged election” terror campaign in 2020. Anyone that ha...


Meet Kelly Gustafson

Deciding to run for Sheriff for Roseau County was not a hard decision for me.  I was encouraged by some of my coworkers from the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office, City of Roseau, City of Warroad, and the Borderland SRT Team. After hearing their...


Donald Eugene Diesen, 81

Hillsdale, Mich.- Donald Eugene Diesen was born on October 13, 1941 at the Children Maternity House in Roseau. Don was baptized here at Bethesda Lutheran Church in Skime with Elmer and Bertha...


Dennis Albert Dole, 79

Skime- Dennis Albert Dole was born July 15, 1943 at home in Skime to parents Albert and Gladys (Knutson) Dole. Dennis graduated from Roseau High School. He worked at Polaris Industries for several...


5 years ago… Harvey Johnson bought D+E Sports and has worked there since age 14.

5 years ago – Nov. 4, 2017 Dale Smedsmo recently sold his business, D+E Sports, in Roseau to Harvey Johnson. Harvey began working part-time for D+E as a 14-year-old kid in 1979 and took over... Full story


How Soon is Too soon?

There are many things in life where we can ask the question, "How soon is TOO soon?". From relationship decisions, to parenting decisions, even when to throw out the things in your fridge that are...


Roseau County 4-H Annual Awards Program

Every year the Roseau County 4-H Leaders Council ends the 4-H year by reflecting on and acknowledging the good work of its members and volunteers by holding a 4-H Awards Program. The program was held...

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    November 5, 2022

Tom VS. Tom

The trouble all started at Roseau Hardware: an Ace Hardware store in the small town of Roseau. Roseau is in north-western Minnesota, on the Canadian border. Melissa's great-grandfather and... Full story


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