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Articles from the September 5, 2020 edition

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  • Looking Forward To Opening Day With True Grit

    Jeff Olsen|Sep 5, 2020

    by Jeff Olsen Roseau School Superintendent Tom Jerome has no time for vacant classrooms. Not after last spring. "As of today, right now, we still plan on going in-person. Technically speaking, our numbers are right at that breaking point where we could go hybrid for our 7th through 12th graders," he said on Monday. "Public Health has informed us that Roseau County should be having some numbers drop off because they look at the most recent 14 days." What is the number that dictates that you have...

  • Business Owners: Don't Pass Up This Golden Opportunity

    Jeff Olsen|Sep 5, 2020

    by Jeff Olsen Northwest Community Action is still accepting grant applications for small businesses that have incurred financial losses in the past several months. "The response hasn't been great, but I haven't seen an update," said Roseau County Coordinator Jeff Pelowski a week ago Thursday, adding that they only had a dozen applicants in the first week or so. He noted that business owners have to show a loss of revenue that has not been compensated by a governmental agency. "There is an...

  • New Hayes Lake State Park Manager is No Rookie

    Jeff Olsen|Sep 5, 2020

    by Jeff Olsen Meet Allen Larsen, a sizable chap who isn't complaining about his newest gig, which is overseeing Hayes Lake State Park where the denizens include bear, deer, bobcat, fox, an occasional cougar, and 10 million mosquitoes when it is the monsoon season up here. Most recently, it's been fairly dry and Mr. Larsen, who hails from Tower, Minnesota, was done with work for the day and enjoying life with his family and all the amenities. He's been with the Minnesota DNR for 12 years and had...

  • New RHS Assistant Principal Hits the Ground Running

    Jeff Olsen|Sep 5, 2020

    by Jeff Olsen If Mr. Joe Broderick is a late hire, barely two weeks prior to the start of the school year on September 8, he is the right person for the position, according to Superintendent Tom Jerome, who didn't rush into replacing Kelsey Johnson, who is now the elementary principal in Warren-Alvarado. Mr. Broderick is a ringer, as they say in sports. He's a guy you can count on in a tight game. It's definitely been an interesting career for Joe Broderick, who grew up in Minot and graduated...

  • Write On: Driving to and Arriving at Ella's Campground

    Kara Borneman - Roseau High School|Sep 5, 2020

    by Kara Borneman , College English 12, Mrs. Didrikson Most early mornings in the summer, when the warm sun comes up and the birds are sweetly chirping, I am still in the darkness of my room, dead asleep. When I finally wake up at around ten o'clock, I do not even have enough energy to move one foot off my bed. This particular morning, however, was different. I awoke at eight a.m. to the intense noise of my alarm. Usually, this sound irks me like no other, but that day it filled me with immense...

  • We got up one morning and it was "froggy" out! and it has been "froggy" ever since

    Julie Elick|Sep 5, 2020

    Chapter 2 One day Pastor Joe and Wife put in a new window. It was a big window they could crawl through to the outside of their basement. It was a nice window with a deep well that it was set into. One day "Wife" discovered some window visitors! The first huge rain brought not just one but several frogs. Poor Pastor Joe, "Wife, there are baby frogs in our egress window well! Poor baby frogs." So they opened the window up from the inside of their basement. Pastor Joe caught as many frogs as he... Full story


    Pastor Joe Elick|Sep 5, 2020

    Do you have an active imagination? If so, are you thankful for it? Do you know where imagination comes from? I feel confident before the Lord to say, it comes from Him, at least the roots of it. I saw a movie some time ago that revolved, in part, around a writer of western novels. He moved into a neighborhood and became friends with a little neighbor girl who wanted to learn to write. She heard he was a writer, and wanted him to teach her. In one of their conversations he said something that...

  • Welcome back to the real world with some real people

    Jeff Olsen|Sep 5, 2020

    On Monday morning, I came flying out of bed, cheering loudly and declaring, "The Buff is a winner!" Buff won the Fourth Flight in the Men's Tourney at Oakcrest Golf Course this past weekend defeating Bob Lund, now an octogenarian, and nobody is wondering if he's lost all his marbles. There is only one Buff and it's not Big Buff, the sidelined Winnipeg Jets professional hockey player. It's Jeremy, Big Buff's uncle, who's a remarkably original character, now about 245 pounds, with a delightful...

  • Freedom of Speech and Opinions

    Jodi Wojciechowski|Sep 5, 2020

    o·pin·ion /əˈpinyən/ noun: opinion; plural noun: opinions a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter We asked them for their opinions about the new stadium. approval, esteem I have no great opinion of his work. free·dom of speech noun: freedom of speech; plural noun: freedoms of speech The right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. 1st Amendment Constitution of the United States: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of relig...

  • Terrorist, Voting, Guns and Some Common Sense

    Sheldon Larson|Sep 5, 2020

    What in the world is going on with our world? Hopefully most of the problems are because it is an election year. The deep state knows that if Trump gets four more years they are going down. The rest of us know that ifBiden “I sway anyway the wind blows” wins, the country as we know it is going down. Right now the wind is blowing from the left. If Sleepy Joe swayed anymore he would fall over. Camella Harris raising thirty five million dollars for the Minnesota Freedom Fund tells the rest of the story. The MFF raises money to bail rioters, rap...

  • Wear a mask! It is that simple!

    Carter J. Novacek|Sep 5, 2020

    I have been thinking about whether or not to wear a mask for the last couple months. I see posts on Facebook where many people complain how masks can cause long term health problems and cite no scientific evidence. I believe too many people piss and moan, repeating the same old rhetoric. For the whiners and complainers, prove you have answers, throw your hat in the ring, run for office. Show us you are responsible and have actions worth implementing. Could it be that you are afraid to run for office and find out what responsibility is... Full story

  • 25 years ago… Susan Dokken won a backpack full of school supplies.

    Carrie Johnson|Sep 5, 2020

    5 years ago – Sept. 5, 2015 Badger was in the spotlight for winning KVRR TV’s “Town of the Year” honors for 2015. Lillian N. Erickson, daughter of Steven and Bonnie Erickson of Roseau, was recently called to serve in the Honduras, San Pedro Sula West Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Winners of the Little Brothers Little Sisters annual golf scramble held on August 1 was the team of Mike Lundbohm, Mary Lundbohm, Aaron Huglen and Nathan Adrian. A 60th birthday party f... Full story

  • Salol News by Genevieve Michal

    Sep 5, 2020

    Dennis & Dianne Monkman went for a country drive Saturday and stopped to visit Marcie & Del Santl. We got a much needed inch of rain on Saturday night. Chuck Olson celebrated his birthday Sunday with lots of family visiting. His daughter Rachel Deberry came from Michigan. Sisters Carol Garthus, from Holt and Kay Sistad, from Fosston and brother Ronnie & wife Carla came. Many nieces and nephews were there and the Shelly Peters family from Viking. Chuck also got out his guitar for some singing. Brett Jorgensen picked crab apples and had lunch...

  • Harold Sam Evans, 66

    Sep 5, 2020

    Roseau- Harold Sam Evans passed away suddenly at his home on Sunday, August 30, 2020 at the age of 66. Sam Evans was born on September 6, 1953 in Roseau to Clyde and Lillian (Mohagen) Evans. He grew up in Malung attending school there through the 8th grade. He attended grades 9-12 in Roseau, graduating from high school in 1971. During his younger years Sam enjoyed showing cattle for 4H, driving tractor and helping on the farm. He later farmed with his brother and dad. They raised beef cattle...

  • Ronald Wayne Carlson, 77

    Sep 5, 2020

    West Plains Mo.- Ronald Wayne Carlson, 77, of West Plains, Mo. died on Saturday, August 29 at the Mountain View Medical Center in Mountain View, Mo. He had been in declining health for the past two years, and he passed away in his sleep from heart failure. Ronald was born into the Baptist faith on March 13, 1943 in Grand Forks, N.D. Father Ernest W. Carlson (1889-1979), Mother Clara A. Johnson (1894-1990), older sister Rosemary, and Ronald lived in a house on Union Avenue South in Fergus Falls....

  • Mary Elizabeth Klamar, 79

    Sep 5, 2020

    Gatzke- Mary Elizabeth Storment was born on February 12, 1941 in Endicott, Washington to Hershel and Lena (Honn) Storment. She grew up on the Storment family farm and graduated from Endicott, Wash. in 1959. After high school she attended college in Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Wash. for teaching. After college she worked in Colfax, Wash. at the hospital, where she took care of patients and helped out in surgery. In April 1963, Mary went to Alaska, where she lived with her sister...

  • Pat Glen Williams, 60

    Sep 5, 2020

    Warroad- Pat Glen Williams, age 60 of Warroad, passed away July 31, 2020 at Sanford Hospital in Fargo, N.D. Pat was born on March 8, 1960 in Devils Lake, North Dakota. He graduated from High School in North Dakota. He worked at Marvin Windows and Doors in Warroad for many years. He enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. Blessed be his memory. He is survived by his wife, Dianna Williams of Warroad; daughter, Jill Williams of Bemidji; step-daughter, Jessica Erickson of Badger; and...

  • Margaret M. Bollingberg, 84

    Sep 5, 2020

    New Rockford, N.D.- Margaret M. Bollingberg passed away on Sunday, August 30, 2020 at the age of 84 at the Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd in New Rockford, N.D. Funeral service was held on Friday, September 4, 2020 at 10 a.m. at the First Lutheran Church in New Rockford, N.D. Visitation was held on Thursday 9-5 p.m. at Evans Funeral Home and 6-8 p.m. followed by a prayer service at 8 p.m. all at Trinity Lutheran Church in Bremen, N.D. With a burial at Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Bremen....


    Arlette Solom|Sep 5, 2020

    submitted by Arlette Solom "Autumn is the season to find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have." Unknown LSS continues to serve meals Monday - Friday 11- 12 noon. The menu is printed in the Roseau Times-Region weekly. You can call 463-1331 to reserve your meal to be picked up. There is no in-house dining at this time due to COVID-19. Please call in your reservation before 9:30 a.m. Meals-On-Wheels are delivered around 11:00 a.m. The food is catered by the Twin's Cafe in Badger. A special thank you to the volunteers who... Full story

  • Fabian, House GOP Urge Walz Admin To Stop Harassing Local Businesses

    Sep 5, 2020

    Rep. Dan Fabian, R-Roseau, and more than 50 other Republican lawmakers sent a letter to Gov. Tim Walz Monday in response to a letter sent last week by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) informing hospitality industry leaders of stepped-up compliance checks that could result in fines, forced closure loss of liquor license, workplace investigations, and more. Previously Gov. Walz has stated that enforcement of state mandates and regulations were to be "educational" in nature rather than punitive....

  • First Time Winners and Close Finishes at GRP

    Keith Cumming|Sep 5, 2020

    by Keith Cumming A beautiful day turned into an excellent and crazy night of racing, at the Greenbush Race Park, , as 74 cars signed in at the pit gate highlighted by a special for the Lightning Sprints. The annual Lightning Sprint special drew 15 cars for their 25 lap feature, and after one lap Wes Van Drunen of Fargo, N.D. brought out the first stoppage as he ended up upside down in corner four. When they restarted, everyone got through one and two, but Alan Truscinski of Greenbush, got a litt...

  • Run Event Held at Roseau City Park

    Kari Moyer|Sep 5, 2020

    Submitted by Kari Moyer As you drive to and from work you might not think twice about the person jogging on the sidewalk or pausing their watch as they wait for the pedestrian right-of-way. We are so busy getting to our next destination that there is no time to ponder what the heck they are doing and why in the world are they running? They must crazy. Just a few years ago I became one of those crazy runners, and now I notice them all and let me tell you, they are everywhere and doing remarkable...